Engaging People and Institutions for change (EPIC)

The EPIC project will mobilize both Women, Men, adolescent groups (13-18yrs), youth groups (20- 24yrs) from the community to take proactive steps to challenge discriminatory practices and beliefs and different forms of violence against women. The project will also empower community redressal institutions to engage public dialogue on resisting violence on women esp. those representing social and religious excluded groups. Engagement with men in positive roles to establish models of preventing discriminatory practices and attitudes on women would be undertake.

Results to be Achieved:

  • Individuals, community and Institutions in the project area are equipped in knowledge on the links between social norm and violence against women.
  • Intervention villages and intervention colleges in the programme districts have pressure groups and youth activists and committee members on VAW issues that are equipped with the knowledge of laws related to VAW and support services to support women experiencing violence in seeking appropriate services.
  • More preventive and awareness generation shall be provided in intervention areas to vulnerable groups.
  • Involving more women into economic rehabilitation through specialized trainings.